How to save electricity

How to save money on electricity bills. 25 electricity saving tips at home.

  1. Buy Energy Star qualified appliances.
  2. Buy appliances with low power consumption.
  3. Check the temperature insulation of your house.
  4. Turn off appliances and gadgets that are in stand by state.
  5. Set air conditioner's thermostat to moderate temperature.
  6. Use air conditioner's heating instead of radiator.
  7. Use air conditioner locally in the room instead of the whole house.
  8. Use a fan instead of air conditioner.
  9. Avoid opening frequently the refrigerator door.
  10. Leave enough space between the refrigerator and the wall to allow ventilation.
  11. Turn off the light when you leave the room.
  12. Install presence detector to turn lighting off when leaving the room.
  13. Use low power light bulbs.
  14. Decrease washing machine water temperature.
  15. Use shorter washing machine program.
  16. Fill the washing machine / dryer / dishwasher before operation.
  17. Wear clothes that fit the current temperature.
  18. Use the stairs instead of elevator.
  19. Set energy saving features in the computer's operating system control panel.
  20. Hang the laundry to dry instead of using the dryer.
  21. Go to sleep early.
  22. Install solar water heater system.
  23. Reduce water heater temperature
  24. Use sunlight instead of artificial light.
  25. Buy LCD/LED TV instead of plasma.
  26. Disconnect electrical charger when it finishes charge.
  27. Install solar panel on your roof to generate electricity.


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