Gigahertz to kilohertz conversion

Gigahertz (GHz) to kilohertz (kHz) frequency conversion calculator and how to convert.

Gigahertz to kilohertz conversion calculator

Enter the frequency in gigahertz and press the Convert button:

Result in kilohertz: kHz

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How to convert gigahertz to kilohertz

1GHz = 1000000kHz


1kHz = 0.000001GHz

Gigahertz to kilohertz formula

The frequency f in kilohertz (kHz) is equal to the frequency f in gigahertz (GHz) times 1000000:

f(kHz) = f(GHz) × 1000000


Convert 3 gigahertz to kilohertz:

f(kHz) = 3GHz × 1000000 = 3000000kHz

Gigahertz to kilohertz conversion table

Gigahertz (GHz) Kilohertz (kHz)
0 GHz 0 kHz
0.000001 GHz 1 kHz
0.00001 GHz 10 kHz
0.0001 GHz 100 kHz
0.001 GHz 1000 kHz
0.01 GHz 10000 kHz
0.1 GHz 100000 kHz
1 GHz 1000000 kHz


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